The Rob Foundation (TRF) is a, in the Netherlands based, foundation, which makes it possible for Tamar Goossens and her co-workers to do their work in Uganda. TRF is mainly active in the villages around Mukono. During outreaches they visit the villages and schools around Mukono to give educational health talks, (preventive) treatments and other support in the region. Our objective is to acquire our own mobile clinic with equipment, medicine and medical resources to be able to perform these outreaches.

Online donations are now possible. Please visit our donation page.


Celebrating together

How wonderful that The Rob Foundation can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mark Brouwer. He celebrated his birthday with family and friends, and there was also a feast for the people of Uganda who we meet during our weekly outreaches. Through his donation (from € 1,250.00), the money he received on his birthday, we are able to offer them medical care were there is such a need for this. Thank you!


The Story of Tamar

What a wonderful gesture. Hennie Tijs made an amazing animated video about the dream of Tamar and The Rob Foundation.




INDICARE was an organization which dealt with objective, independent, allocation of care counseling (for the disabled and education in the Netherlands, founded in 2002 and disbanded in 2015). Due to changing legislation work INDICARE lapsed and was disbanded this foundation. Hennie Tijs was appointed to liquidate the assets of INDICARE. The surplus will be paid as much as possible in accordance with the purpose of Foundation Indicare.
A donation to THE FOUNDATION ROB fits perfectly with the concept of “care”.

The great work that is carried out in Uganda, deserves a big compliment. We feel especially proud that we can contribute to this in the form of a donation to:
€ 1.000